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What is the purpose of the Trading Group website?


To connect buyers and sellers.  We know that when you have an asset to sell, you wish to find someone who is interested in it, fast. And when you are looking for a specific asset or item, you wish to find a suitable one as quickly and easily as possible.  Either way, Trading Group makes this simple.



What sets Trading Group apart from other listing websites?


Trading Group finds what you are looking for.  This state-of-the-art website allows you to set up a wishlist and we will notify you as soon as anyone lists an asset in the category that you have chosen in your wishlist.  Trading Group also has a Trading Room that can manually assist you with sourcing a specific asset or even assist you in finding a buyer for your asset.



Who benefits from this service?


Absolutely anybody wishing to sell or buy assets. We have major experience in assisting construction and transport companies with selling redundant assets.  We will also gladly join hands with individuals wishing to buy or sell assets, including all types of properties.



What sort of assets can be advertised on Trading Group?


Any assets, but our knowledge allows us to successfully serve markets with exclusive assets e.g. construction & mining machinery, trucks & trailers, aviation and commercial properties.



What does this service cost me?


The listing service that Trading Group offers is FREE.

Simply register and see how we can assist you in selling or buying assets.

Please contact admin@tradinggroup.co.za for any assistance, or any of the listed agents.



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